Ebarak - The HubSpot Scientist

From Curiosity to Tech Wizardry: A HubSpot Odyssey

Meet Ebarak, the curious soul from Bangladesh, who fatefully discovered HubSpot's enchanting CRM in 2015, unleashing a world of magic. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him on a quest for mastery, becoming a HubSpot Specialist extraordinaire through certifications and freelancing.

Soon, his charisma enchanted US marketing agencies, making him a sought-after Onboarding and Implementation Specialist. Like a consulting enchanter, Ebarak creatively solved challenges, empowering businesses with HubSpot's toolkit. With data sorcery, he unveiled insights that guided data-driven decisions, leaving a wizard's legacy of transformation.

Unravel the magic of HubSpot with Ebarak and embark on a journey of success.

About Sprocket Rocket

Never build another page from scratch again.


Stacking modules is rapid, responsive, and enables marketers to build on-brand pages easily.




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HubSpot Integrations Completed

A Word From My Customers

The template is really nice and offers quite a large set of options. It's beautiful and the coding is done quickly and seamlessly. Thank you!

Jovani Tate

It was easy to put together pages and when I was done, I could just click and have the page automatically created in HubSpot.

Kaila Terrell

We built our old site using a template, and it left a lot to be desired. With SprocketRocket, we can go page by page and get the exact flow of content we need.

Hugh Branch

Never feel stuck again.

Proven modules, winning page templates, and support that's always there when you need it. 

Why Clients LOVE Working with me

Clients are drawn to my exceptional HubSpot expertise, which unlocks their business potential and propels their growth. With 24/7 availability and a commitment to on-time delivery, I ensure their experience is both seamless and rewarding.


Holistic Inbound Marketing Expertise

With my extensive knowledge of inbound marketing, I guarantee clients a comprehensive approach that enhances engagement and conversions. Clients appreciate my holistic campaigns that drive results and business growth. I guide clients through strategies that convert leads into loyal customers, propelling their growth.

Unrivaled HubSpot Mastery

Clients love my deep mastery of the HubSpot platform, propelling their businesses forward with tailored solutions. They appreciate how I optimize their marketing, sales, and service efforts to the fullest, leveraging every tool and feature for maximum potential.

Around-the-Clock Availability & Support

With 24/7 availability and accessibility, I am your reliable partner, ready to tackle challenges anytime. Clients appreciate my commitment and know they can count on me for support and solutions whenever they need it.

Best Rates, Outstanding Value

Clients rave about my competitive rates that come with unparalleled value, offering a budget-friendly solution without compromising excellence. Offering the best rates in the industry, I help clients maximize HubSpot's potential while staying within budget, making their investment in business growth exceptionally worthwhile.


Reliable On-Time Delivery

My commitment to on-time delivery impresses clients and keeps their marketing strategies on track. It ensures smooth project progression, without unnecessary stress, turning aspirations into reality without delay.


US Work Authorization

Clients find peace of mind and confidence in my US work authorization, ensuring a secure partnership built on professionalism and legal compliance, transcending borders to achieve marketing greatness together.